xfl draft x the spring league

Client: The Spring League

Contribution: Creative Ideation, Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media Distribution

Notes: The Spring League, a company for which I lead digital efforts including social media, helps elite level football players realize their professional dreams. With the launch of the new XFL kicking off in February 2020, 33 of our players were drafted and are one step closer to realizing their professional dreams.

air max day

Client: Footaction

Contribution: Creative Direction, Campaign Ideation, Distribution Plan

Notes: Air Max Day is an annual day of recognition of the impact of Air Max on the sneaker industry led by Nike. To celebrate, I directed a takeover of Footactionā€™s social media channels with Air Max content that was repurposed from an Air Max specific photo shoot earlier in the year. Below are the assets that were made for Instagram and were the only posts added to the account that day.


Brand: Footaction

Contribution: Creative Ideation, Videography, Posting Strategy, Community Management

Notes: While freelancing as the social media manager at Footaction, I noticed that #VansChallenge was trending. By lunch, I had filmed my own version of the viral video for the brand and posted it. The post is now the most successful organic Instagram post in brand history in terms of total engagements and total video views.

footaction five

Brand: Footaction

Contribution: Concept Ideation, Interviewer, Wardrobe, Influencer Marketing, Production, Art Direction

footaction family cypher

Brand: Footaction

Contribution: Concept Ideation, Wardrobe, On-site Social Media Coverage, Influencer Marketing, Creative Direction, Distribution Strategy

ga followers x footaction

Brand: Footaction

Contribution: Influencer Marketing, Creative Content Management, Product Management, Distribution Strategy, Contract Negotiations/Implementation

Notes: Josh Jelks and Jeremy Jones, the co-founders of GA Followers, had been longtime Footaction influencers. I noticed that Josh often turned product we seeded him into amazing creative for his own social media channels unsolicited. Using the talents of someone the brand and myself were already close to, I leveraged that relationship to have Josh become a regular content contributor to Footaction while giving him all credit and creating a new content franchise around #GAFxFTA! To do this I needed to get buy in from multiple internal parties, including a District Manager in Atlanta (where Josh lives) to provide Josh with product quickly so he could turn around his content before the product released to the general public.